BB Ki Vines Merchandise – An Ecommerce Website

Yes you guys heard it right BB Ki Vines Merchandise Is live now. What is and whom own this website, what’s the matter with all the youth? Why people are searching for it?

This is the real question, YouTube sensation Bhuvan Bham have released his Ecommerce website

What Is – BB Ki Vines Merchandise

It’s an ecommerce website launched by Bhuvan Bham the YouTube guru and most watched video channel BB Ki Vines‘s Owner. He has launched his ecommerce website named

I’m damn sure website named has been inspired by his normal live and delhi people language, we use to call our fridays youthia it means chutiya which directly means an a$$hole.

Bhuvan have announced Youthiapa is Live Now!

Youthiapa - BB Ki Vines Merchandise

We love this guy because of his creativity and so many new youtubers admire him so much and get inspire from him. Just after the launch of it has been crashed due to heavy traffic. That what is also tweeted from his twitter account.

Youthiapa crashed

Youthiapa crashed

Youthiapa Team is working on the fixing the issue as Bhuvan said in his tweet he also said indirectly that thanks for the love you guys gave me. Well, We love him and wish the site get more traffic and get successful.

Get some discount from Youthiapa Discount 

We wish you luck for your Merchandise BB Ki Vines, I mean Bhuvan Bham!

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