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Angry Masterji- Part 5

Masterji Call Bhuavn’s Dad Again For The “parents Teacher Meeting” But This Time BB Dad Comes For The Admission Of Bhancho…Really?…Watch And Download the Full Video. Place this code to the placeholder and hit...


Angry Masterji- Part 4

BB’s dad has been called again for a ‘Parent Teachers Meeting’. and meet bhuvan’s Dad with a Gun See What Happened In Meeting by…Watch And Download The Full Video. Place this code to the...


Angry Masterji- Part 3

BB and dad went to school yesterday again. This is what happened ! Master Ji Said That he went to a saadhu ji and see what happened. Place this code to the placeholder and...

Angry Masterji- Part 2

BB’s teacher has called up an urgent “Parent Teacher Meeting” yet again. This Time masterji signed for his resignation letter…really.See the Full Video. See – Angry Master Ji Part – 1